Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One Mistake Leads to Two

I wrote this for school and thought I would just post it on here. Its not edited so don't judge ;)

It was a bright sunny day in Saint Johns, Michigan. The trees were standing tall and waving back and forth like they were saying hello to anyone who cared to look. The flowers were fully bloomed with colorful petals. A rainbow stretched from as far as you can see to mark the rains just minutes before.
In the middle of all this beauty was a tall building with the letters “CMS” plastered to the brick wall. Many people were there for traumatic wounds. But Katie was there for a small task with a traumatic sound. Pregnancy test. Two words that mean so much to so many different people. It can be a joyful time for married couples wanting to start or expand their family. But, it can also be a lonely time for girls who have no one celebrating the news with them. For Katie it was a miserable time. She dreaded getting up that day. For she knew she would have to face reality like a fight in a cage. There is no way getting around this one, Katie thought as the nurse called her back into a room. “The first room to your left,” the nurse said quietly. Katie’s legs felt heavy as if she had bricks hanging from her feet. She slapped each foot down recounting every mistake she’d ever made. She entered the room where the nurse told her to get on the chair and wait for the doctor.
Lots of tears and begging to get rid of “it” consumed her next couple of days. Katie stayed in her room and cried out to God for mercy. “What have I done to deserve this?” Katie screamed. No one knew why Katie was so angry and upset. She just told her family that her boyfriend had broken up with her. Which was true when he found out he was going to be a dad. If only the family knew the extent of the whole story.
Katie was a gregarious person. She loved to be the center of attention anywhere she went. Her idyllic personality and beauty struck out to boys. Her thick, brown, luscious hair stretched down to her mid chest. Her eyes shined with a sparkle. The color of her hair and eyes matched. Her checks were a rosy pink color, which highlighted her facial structure. She never failed to dress to perfection. Her outfits were so well designed that she would be getting compliments left and right. Her makeup was always without smears and somehow her eyeliner never faded. Katie was a gorgeous girl. It’s no wonder why boys liked her the second they met her. Katie was always good about standing her ground and not giving in. Greg just had a way of getting around that. Katie’s love for church stuck out to Greg. Greg was a friend of Katie’s who was falling in love with her more and more as the weeks passed. Katie would play with his little heart not knowing how much he really cared about her. Katie would take Greg to church with her and introduce him to all her Christian friends. Greg had just accepted Christ and was now trying to start life over and live it for Christ and Christ alone. As the weeks passed on Katie and Greg became closer and closer. Finally Greg asked Katie if she would like to be his girlfriend and she accepted. They were two peas in a pod. Never leaving each other’s side and always going places together. Greg ended up being the father of Katie’s baby. No matter how many boundaries Katie set she always was willing to break them for Greg. Nothing was about to get between them. That is until she became pregnant.
The day finally came when Katie knew she had to tell her family. There really wouldn’t ever be a good time to tell her family this news. However, since all her family was in town, she figured this would the best time to get it all out in the open with everyone. Her sister and her sister’s husband and kids, Katie’s brother, and Katie’s parents were all gathered for her niece’s birthday. The whole family played some games, ate a big feast and opened many gifts. Katie was doing a good job of faking her smile until her sister joked about Katie gaining a few pounds from the big feast that they had just shared. Katie lost it right then and there in front of everyone. She lost control of her emotions and allowed them to take over. She felt her body falling and everything in the room went black.
“Katie you there?
Katie wake up.
You’re scaring us Katie.”
Yelled her family. Her family members were hovering over her while she was sprawled on the floor unconscious. Katie sat up not knowing anything that just happened. Panicked, Katie ran to call the doctor. She didn’t know if her passing out would affect the baby in any way. Her family over heard her talking to the doctor and all of them were in such shock the rest of the night was silent. Katie wept at the thought of all of her family’s condemning thoughts going through their heads.
Katie pulled out her journal and let the words flow as freely as the tears slipping down her cheeks:
It’s funny how big things often start so small.
Oak trees start as acorns.
Debt starts with one purchase outside the budget.
Books start with that first word.
Fires start with a spark. The spark that started this raging fire in my life seemed so innocent. One mistake led to two, which led to things just going too far.
How could I have been so stupid?
Why couldn’t I see these consequences before it was too late?
I am smarter than this. I knew better. And now everything is crashing down on me. This isn’t a mistake I can keep hidden. Everyone will know. And my life will never be the same.
What about my dreams?
What about college?
What about my fairy tale wedding?
This is a very high price to pay for some dumb choices made by a girl in love. Love… what a crazy word to use in this situation. I wasn’t in love. I was entangled in lies. They were small lies that blossomed into a situation choking the very life out of me. Journaling became Katie’s comfort. Anytime something happened good or bad she wrote it down in her journal. This was no exception.
Katie and Greg knew right away they would keep this baby. There was never even a thought of giving the baby up or aborting it. Thankfully Katie babysat enough times to know how to take care of kids. She was thankful for all those times given to her to practice for this huge milestone about to happen. It wasn’t that Katie was worried about how to take care of this baby but the fact that she was so young and new to life. How could she bring a new life in this world when she hasn’t done hardly anything in hers?
Katie decided it would be best if she moved in with her grandma while she was pregnant. Just to get away from all the people she would see on a daily basis. Another plus was that her grandma was down the road from where Katie was about to attend Cosmetology school. This baby was not going to stop her from living her life to its fullest. School would help keep Katie busy and on track with her life.

It has been almost 8 months into Katie’s pregnancy. She is as big as a fully blown up balloon, if not bigger. She still remains at her grandmas though she wishes to move back into her parent’s house as soon as the baby is born. Katie has lost many friends but gained so many more. Support is something Katie gained out of this whole situation. She had an endless supply from anyone who saw her cute pregnant self. She was excited to announce the sex of the baby to all of her friends and family. Not a dry eye was in the house when she let out the words, “It’s a girl”!
It has been a hard journey for Katie but she finally came to the realization that she must keep going. She is now responsible for not just herself but another human inside her. Life will never be the same as it was. She finally forgave herself for all her worldly mistakes and has decided to live her life doing everything as if she was doing it for God. Greg no longer was apart of Katie’s life and doesn’t plan on helping with his daughter. But not only will this little girl have Katie’s dad for a daddy figure she will also have her heavenly father.
February 7th was the day that Katie went into labor. It was a long, hard day. Lots of machines beeping and buzzing. People coming in and out of the room just like little hurried ants on a mission. But in the end it was a joyful time. Katie’s family came together and celebrated everything they had been through and the many years to come with this little bundle of joy. Katie took one look at her daughter and said, “Welcome in this world Adele’ Hope”. And with that her life began as Adele’s mommy.

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