Friday, October 29, 2010

"A broken heart is a heart that has felt love."

Why do all my best guy friends like me and the one guy I like doesn't like me.
Honestly I'm scared to loose one of my guy friends so I don't want to go any farther than being best friends with them. Another part of me is just scared. Scared to get heartbroken. I haven't healed from the last heartbreak so how could I go through another. I feel like I'm giving up on a lot of awesome guys right now because of what one boy did to my heart. I'm scared to hang out with guys one on one because I feel like I will like them and then we all know what that turns into...boy and girl meet. girl falls in love with boy. boy breaks girls heart. boy moves on.
Every time a boy ask me to go out with them I deny saying I "already had plans". But really I'm just giving up before I even gave it a chance. Maybe its because the only love I know of is where I held on and that boy crushed my already shattered heart. I say I felt love. But I sure hope when I am truly in love it will make this teenage love seem petty wimpy. I pray everyday I find that one love. That one love that will crush all these heartbreaks and I will never once remember them. That one love that will last more than a couple months. That one love that will be mutual and not me just being put down time and time again. And finally that one love that everyone lives for. We all long to be loved. If I have to deal with these heartbreaks now I hope its all worth it when I'm standing next to my true love saying the words, "I do".

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