Thursday, October 29, 2009

Long, Dark Tunnel

She moves in three months. What did I do wrong God for this to be happening? She is my other half. I need her to be within reach. Reach in three months will be hours away! I know, God, you don't tell us your daily plan for our life's but right about now it would be good to know. Is there anything your doing to protect me from? Honestly, I can't see the purpose of this tragedy. My heart aches. Three months is a second once it passes. It will creep up and shock us all. But you. But you know everything now, than, and then. You have a plan. Help me trust you. Help me see the light out of this LONG, dark tunnel. And God, shine your light through me.

Monday, October 19, 2009


So I feel like all my post lately have been kinda down and not funny. School has taken over my life and flipped it. I have learned so much about procrastination you won't believe it. I could honestly do a report on it! I have made some pretty awesome friends. Would you like to know something things about them? Aw good cause I am sharing!
1. She likes to help people out. She loves the railroad (strange huh?). She is African. Her name is (drumroll....) HARRIET TUBMAN! 2. He was a president (friends with the president.... weird). He hated slavery (good me too!). His name is.... ABRAHAM LINCOLN!
So you liking my new friends so far? I have learned about everything a good friend should know. I even did a project on my girl Harriet. Props to my hilarious rap! Go check it out,
Guys you will die laughing! HILARIOUS!
So there you have it. A glimpse in my life these days! Maybe Harriet will do a shout-out some day to me... you think? :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

He is always there!

Yesterday I got onto facebook (big surprise! haha) and I noticed something that was written on one of my friends walls. This person usually doesn't get anything written on her wall so I was curious. I read it and started getting jealous. The post was telling that girl how much she is loved and appreciated. I was not jealous of who was telling that girl but that she got a post like that. I wished right then and there I would hear those words towards me. I asked God why I never hear any of my friends telling me those kinds of words. I refreshed my page and I saw I had an email. I read it and wept. Everything I had been longing for, I got. This girl told me I was loved, appreciated, and much more. God has been really looking out for me lately and I am so thankful. He is always there! You just have to put your faith in Him!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Extending All That I Have

We got into a fight, again. Will there ever be peace? Will you understand my side. Why don't I want to understand your side. Maybe I feel I'm the only one right.
Please don't let that hurt our friendship. We've been strong for long. Now this comes up. One bad decision can ruin many good ones.
Go and have fun with her. Remember me though. I lied, I did want to go. I was hiding all the burt behind lies. Why? I don't have an answer. Human nature maybe? Or is that a lame excuse?
Memories like these will fade if we let go. Good memories will last if we hold on. Hold on. I'm extending all that I have. Hold on.

Friday, October 2, 2009


I have a feeling that I can't explain. I am half happy and half nervous! The nerves are taking over right about now. Today at 4:00pm thousands of people will tune in to watch Oprah expecting a great show. My family is going to be part of the show today. The news has spread and people we know are watching. I am praying the show will make an impact. When we taped last spring I felt good about it. But theres such a thing called editing! I pray that they don't take out the parts where we talk about God, or leave in parts that should have been taken out. Overall, I pray that it will be a great show and people see the love of God shinning through us.

(me and my mom at the tapping of the show!)