Monday, October 19, 2009


So I feel like all my post lately have been kinda down and not funny. School has taken over my life and flipped it. I have learned so much about procrastination you won't believe it. I could honestly do a report on it! I have made some pretty awesome friends. Would you like to know something things about them? Aw good cause I am sharing!
1. She likes to help people out. She loves the railroad (strange huh?). She is African. Her name is (drumroll....) HARRIET TUBMAN! 2. He was a president (friends with the president.... weird). He hated slavery (good me too!). His name is.... ABRAHAM LINCOLN!
So you liking my new friends so far? I have learned about everything a good friend should know. I even did a project on my girl Harriet. Props to my hilarious rap! Go check it out,
Guys you will die laughing! HILARIOUS!
So there you have it. A glimpse in my life these days! Maybe Harriet will do a shout-out some day to me... you think? :)

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