Friday, October 16, 2009

He is always there!

Yesterday I got onto facebook (big surprise! haha) and I noticed something that was written on one of my friends walls. This person usually doesn't get anything written on her wall so I was curious. I read it and started getting jealous. The post was telling that girl how much she is loved and appreciated. I was not jealous of who was telling that girl but that she got a post like that. I wished right then and there I would hear those words towards me. I asked God why I never hear any of my friends telling me those kinds of words. I refreshed my page and I saw I had an email. I read it and wept. Everything I had been longing for, I got. This girl told me I was loved, appreciated, and much more. God has been really looking out for me lately and I am so thankful. He is always there! You just have to put your faith in Him!

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