Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of school!

Last night was the best last summer night ever! I hung out with Dexter, Kenzie, and Jackson! Ahh.. It was so fun! We went shopping and out to dinner. :)

Today was the first day of school! The first day is always intimidating! I mean you have to make new friends, you get new teachers, new text books... everything new! New is not always good. As much as I love fresh starts sometimes I miss the past endings. Like, not all my friends came back. One thing I was excited about was Carrie coming back! I thought for sure she wasn't coming back. But I do love surprises! :) I LOVE some of my teachers this year! They are all young and hip! :)
This year I think I am going to like History and Science! Both are very interesting and lots of information! I hope my homework load does chill a little. Getting lots the first night is not a good sign... but I am sure it will shred once we get in the hang of things.
Well I need to go get started on my homework! I hope my attitude today stays all year about school!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I am going to warn you this is not going to be a post where you laugh so hard you pee in your pants or a little giggle. No ma'am this is a post about my life right now. I just want to be completely honest and tell it like it is. So since I have been back from the beach I have been pressured a lot lately.
Pressured to look great.
Pressured to be friendly.
Pressured to act like I care.
Pressured to have a first kiss.
So many more I could come up with. But in order not to bore you half to death I'll just keep it to those four. Some girls in my life right now are making me feel like I am not good enough. They make me feel like I am the one at fault and always wrong. Even when I know the truth my thoughts bring me down. I hate that. I just want to be completely confident in who I am. Tonight I went out to dinner with Carrie. We then met up with some friends. I had a blast with Carrie we laughed so hard about stupid things! It was great. Well when it was time to meet up with the others. I mean I am going to be honest I kind of just wanted to run. Like they are so over powering sometimes and so judgmental I just want to scream. I hate that I can tell what and when they are talking about us behind my back.
I also found out one of my friends was lying to me. As much as I keep telling myself its stupid to get upset about... I am upset. And I can't hide it forever.
Tonight was just a breaking point. Like all this pressure has been building up and I feel overwhelmed. Like I am trapped and no way to get out. Tomorrow will be a better day.. I know in my heart that tomorrow WILL be a better day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


okay so I'm home from Africa! I have been home for like a week! I just haven't had time to get on here! I was supposed to get home Tuesday but didn't get home till Thursday night! What should of been a 30 hour trip turned into over 100 hours!!
I slept in my bed (which has never felt better!) and Friday morning I went straight to She Speaks! Which was awesome. But always something goes wrong there. Like this year LeAnn called Kenzie and wanted a "heart to heart" conversation. She told us that we needed to be setting a good example and that we needed to stop skipping some sessions. So we literally ran down there and went to all the sessions.
After She Speaks Ashleigh came over for a few days! We stayed till Wednesday. We had fun doing everything we missed over the summer. She gave me the cutest present ever when I got back from Africa. It was all these cards and each one had something that reminded her of me while I was gone. For example one was a necklace with my favorite colors on it. Best gift ever!
After she left Wednesday I crashed and slept like the rest of Wednesday till Thursday morning. I then babysat Thursday all day! That was fun to see the kids I missed but also very tiring! While babysitting my mom called and was saying how I got invited to go to the beach with the Whalens. I was so excited. The only think was we were leaving the next day and would be gone for 10 days! I had barely been home for 24 hours at a time and now I was about to be gone for another 10 days!! But I knew this would not be an option again any time soon. So with a big breath I said yes!
Yall have to understand something, I had been gone in Africa for 7 weeks! Then home not even a full day and was gone 4 days. Then home 24 hours without anyone over and gone another 10 days! So I am so tired beyond belief but having a great time! I just think after this trip I am going to become a hermit and sleep for the rest of this year! :)
On top of all that I just found out one of my best friends at school isn't coming back. This still hasn't fully set in with me yet. But I know its going to suck once school starts! I'm secretly praying her parents change their minds and send her to ACA! haha :)
Oh and by the way guess what happened to my phone? I mean honestly I was ticked off! My phone was in the beach bag and someone put a coke bottle not fully closed and it spilled all over my phone. So guess what happened... Its broken!
B- Broken
R- R.I.P
O- Off to phone heaven
K- really.. cant think of a "k" :)
E- Even though I was so good with it
N- Never again.
Yes people I just did an Acrostic. Dont hate. Just a way of laying out my anger!
With all that said we are getting ready and about to go have some Sea Food! yummy! So excited knowing we are swimming with what we are about to eat. :/