Friday, May 29, 2009

Not a princess with pearls moment!

Yesterday I was supposed to meet a friend for dinner. I was so excited since I have no been able to see her in a while. I got all ready. I even had a cute outfit on! I was getting ready to walk out the door when I heard, " Hope did you clean your room?" Oh my , Oh my I TOTALLY forgot my mom had said I needed to clean it before I left. I ran upstairs ( and I don't mean a bunny running away from its master, I mean a Stallion galloping!) I was panicking! I grabbed ALL of my clothes strewn all over the place! I turn the nob of my closet and stuffed them in. My closet doors wouldn't let me close them. They can we so stubborn sometimes! Right then, I heard my moms high heels clacking up to my room. "Oh my gosh! I didn't actually think she would look at my room." I said to myself. Sure enough the first place she looked was my closet! With one look she said, "your not going!" Ahh I was so angry! I slammed every door in my path, yelled at my mom and even told my sister to get out of my life.
Ha now looking at it I should of not gotten that mad! It was just dinner with a friend.
This was definitely not a princess and pearls moment! But since I couldn't go I made other things to do. Like clean my closet, and get all caught up on all my tv shows I follow. It turned out to be a relaxing and calm night!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Predestination and Freewill!

Today in Bible class we talked about predestination and freewill. I did know some about each subject but after today I have a pretty good concept on both. I am not on one side. I do believe us as Christians we should use the Bible as a guideline for our life's. Therefore, in the Bible both predestination and freewill are brought up.
Predestination: "I am not referring to all of you; I know those I have chosen. But this is to fulfill the scripture: 'He who shares my bread has lifted up his heel against me." John 13:18
Freewill:The Spirit and the bride say, "Come!" And let him who hears say, "Come!" Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life. Rev 22:17

See! Both are mentioned in the Bible! I kind of look at it as if these two were on a scale. Both weighing the same amount. So what side would the scale lean towards? Neither! It would stay in the middle. This is how I feel. I do believe Jesus came down to earth to die on the cross for us to be able to accept him and live eternity in Heaven. But I also believe God knows EVERYTHING before we are born. He knows who we will marry, he knows how long we will live, he knows how many times we will sin, he knows where we will be on a certain date. God is all knowing!

I LOVE talking about this subject! It makes me giddy and excited!
Have a GREAT Wednesday yall!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Have you ever been so hurt that you just want to leave forever? Like I'm not talking about one of your girlfriends ignoring you all day... I'm talking about when a guy leads you on and then the next night you find him making out with another girl. And you know what's even worse? When your brother encouraged it all along.

It's bad to loose your towel when your eyes are
full of soap, but it's worse to loose a guy
when your heart is full of hope

This quote is one I found. I love it because its just how I felt and feel. I thought we had potential and now I feel broken, unworthy, nothing.
When you have been hurt so many times you feel like something major is wrong with you. As if your not good enough, or like a speck of sand. "What is wrong with me, that he chose her over me?" I keep asking myself! I am ready to quit this boyfriend and girlfriend thing... I am ready to find a man who will love me when at my worst! He will love me for who I am, and not for how I look. He will treat me as if I was the most precious diamond of them all! He will be by my side till the day I die. Through good days and even bad days he will squeeze my hand and never let go. When coming home from a long day at work he will hold me and tell me I am his everything. That is the day that I will love again!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday, May 17, 2009

It came easily,
Left abruptly,
Whirlwind of jitters,
Whipping in and out,
Only to leave the thought,
"Am I good enough?"
You tell yourself,
As in the day you say "I do"
Walking down that isle,
All your unsettle thoughts scurrying,
Leaving that one man,
With the words of,
"I love you!"

This past weekend has been a crazy one! Ashleigh came over on Friday and we stayed up till 4 a.m hanging out with Dexter, Jackson, and Mark! It was so fun! Saturday we woke up early and all of us went out to breakfast! Me and Ashleigh came home and got ready to go to a Graduation that my dad spoke at (yes, I decided to go and support him!). He actually did really well! Today has not been a good day. Lets just say I think teenage love is a waste! I let myself fall in this position where I am liking a guy and I only set myself up for a let down. Boys are stupid but so awesome. I know I am contradicting myself... But its just hard. I love them and hate them all in one. I wish boys got girls feelings, I wished they cared more, I wish they realized how we get hurt easily! I guess thats just a huge difference between boys and girls! :(
Well I am off to do more studying... I have a HUGE exam tomorrow! I am so NOT ready! haha. Ok goodnight!
Here comes just another Monday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday May 14, 2009

Hey yall! Wow its been like 2 -3 weeks since I have been on! Insane! Let me tell you about what's going on in my life right:
Well about 2 weeks ago Chelsea, my dog, got hit by a car (yes, this will be her SECOND time people!!). I was telling my grandma about this and she quickly responded, " wow! Its like a cat with 10 life's." I don't know if she got the part about it being my dog or if she got the fact that Chelsea has never died?! I guess thats just how G-ma's roll.
Last weekend was amazing! Amazing - definition: surprised, greatly filled with astonishment. Well I can tell you thats just how I felt when I heard my Nonnie was coming in town! Nonnie - definition: My mom's mom :)
You see Nonnie NEVER comes to visit us. And if she does, its a 2 hour layover. I mean We were surprised! We had a fun packed weekend with going to Greenville to visit my aunt and uncle, to shopping all day on Saturday, to eating at the Cheesecake Factory! This was one weekend I will not forget!
This past week on the other hand... lets just say I want to forget Monday. Boy, was it a STRESSFUL day! We had to memorize a monologue from Shakespeare and recite it to our class. I had the hardest time memorizing it. I mean unless thy, hast, woo, and thou come back in our everyday conversations.. I do think this assignment was pointless. But I am not the teacher so I can't make that decision. By the way, I got a 91 on reciting it. :)
I am looking forward to this weekend with Ashleigh Whalen coming over, and Jackson's prom! Oh, and my dad is doing a graduation. He asked me to come when I said, " Dad, honestly I wouldn't be much of support. I think I would have to hold back laughing with you having no clue what your doing." Yup, this sentence didn't help. Thanks to my dad who commits to everything... I will be attending a graduation this Saturday... yay! (did you catch the sarcasm?)
With all this said... Good Thursday everyone!!