Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday May 14, 2009

Hey yall! Wow its been like 2 -3 weeks since I have been on! Insane! Let me tell you about what's going on in my life right:
Well about 2 weeks ago Chelsea, my dog, got hit by a car (yes, this will be her SECOND time people!!). I was telling my grandma about this and she quickly responded, " wow! Its like a cat with 10 life's." I don't know if she got the part about it being my dog or if she got the fact that Chelsea has never died?! I guess thats just how G-ma's roll.
Last weekend was amazing! Amazing - definition: surprised, greatly filled with astonishment. Well I can tell you thats just how I felt when I heard my Nonnie was coming in town! Nonnie - definition: My mom's mom :)
You see Nonnie NEVER comes to visit us. And if she does, its a 2 hour layover. I mean We were surprised! We had a fun packed weekend with going to Greenville to visit my aunt and uncle, to shopping all day on Saturday, to eating at the Cheesecake Factory! This was one weekend I will not forget!
This past week on the other hand... lets just say I want to forget Monday. Boy, was it a STRESSFUL day! We had to memorize a monologue from Shakespeare and recite it to our class. I had the hardest time memorizing it. I mean unless thy, hast, woo, and thou come back in our everyday conversations.. I do think this assignment was pointless. But I am not the teacher so I can't make that decision. By the way, I got a 91 on reciting it. :)
I am looking forward to this weekend with Ashleigh Whalen coming over, and Jackson's prom! Oh, and my dad is doing a graduation. He asked me to come when I said, " Dad, honestly I wouldn't be much of support. I think I would have to hold back laughing with you having no clue what your doing." Yup, this sentence didn't help. Thanks to my dad who commits to everything... I will be attending a graduation this Saturday... yay! (did you catch the sarcasm?)
With all this said... Good Thursday everyone!!

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