Tuesday, September 29, 2009

my wish

My wish never came true
The two ones flashed up
I crossed my finger tight
"Ready, set, WISH"
I yelled in the gut of my soul
Didn't happen
Why is she getting my wish?
Tip toe down
Layers of new wishes now
My wish

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ashleigh's birthday weekend! :)

So I couldn't think of anything inspirational to write about, so I will write about my weekend! Thursday Jo spent the night! We went to see Jarami at carvel, we ate ethiopian food, we watched movies, and caught up on a tv show we love! Friday I had a college prep meeting to go to. Then Kenzie came we dressed up and went to pick up Ashleigh! It was her birthday Saturday so we went to Japanese Steak House and the mall on Friday night. They both spent the night at my house. We danced the night away! :) We woke up early to get breakfast at chick-fil-a and go see the movie, "Fame"! Saturday night my dad took me, Brooke, and Mark all out to brixx!
Today I went to church and now just relaxing and doing some homework.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Dear ______,
I have always wanted to write this note to you. It's hard to not even know your name, or where you are, or even if your out there! I do know one thing, we will meet one day. That day will come and go like any other day but you will stay. You will never leave me in the good times or bad, and sickness or health. Hand in hand is where we will always be. I see bonds destroyed between man and women like nothing ever happened. Our bond will stay firm.
I wonder what you look like. You better look good! Please come join me soon to finish off our life long journey. How long will we be together?
I want a big family. You better like kids. Adoption has always been on my heart. Biological kids too. Be like my dad, never for a second make them wonder if you love them. Please come soon.
Have you even thought about me? I think of you daily. The mystery of what your doing has always come to my mind. Do you know how much your loved even not knowing me?
I hope you get this letter and remember to wait for me. Please don't waste your love on any other girl.
I love you.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Classification of High School!

Life to me is one big classification table! For example, school. I have classified school into the days of the week like this:

Freshmen year = Mondays!
Freshmen year is all new. Beginning high school. New building. My freshmen year was very hard academically like waking up on Monday mornings.

Sophomore year = Tuesday!
Sophomore year is a little review of freshmen year. You still have two more years of school just like at my school... two more days of school.

Junior year = Wednesday!
Even though I haven't been a junior I have heard stories. Junior year is so close to the end that its almost annoying. Like you still have one year after it. At my school we only go Monday through Thursday to school. So wednesday is the 2nd to last day of the week like Junior year in high school.

Senior year = Thursday!
I LOVE Thursdays! Its my easiest day and the last day of the week. Senior year will be hard to prepare for college. But if you get most of your classes done in previous years then you will have an easy Senior year!

That is my classification of high school!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Things I love!

I love many random things. They make each day easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the things I love:
-Snuggling up with a blanket and sipping hot chocolate on a rainy, cold day.
-Thursdays at 2:20!
-The words of, "no homework"
-Seeing people you love
-Bubble baths
-Knowing my family is all safe
-School cancelled
-Walking the streets of Ethiopia
-Sleeping after a long day
-Having a good hair day
-A unexpected gift
-Sleeping in
-A Caribbean Way Smoothie
-Naps after school
-Finishing homework
-Holding babies
-Jackson coming home from college
-Midnight swims with Dexter
-Full pantry
-Going to Chick-fil-A
-Going to the movies
-The Naked drinks
-Japanese Steak House
-Playing in the rain
-Having people over for dinner

These are just a few of the things I love. I could go on and on! What are some of the things you love?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God Hears!

Have you ever thought praying is a waste of time? I have been there! I didn't see a need in praying so I didn't. I didn't until my school all went on a mountain trip 3 years ago. We were supposed to go white water rafting one of the days. But there was a shortage of water because of no rain. They called us and basically said it was cancelled. All of us in denial prayed and prayed it would rain! We started praying around 9 pm and I am not kidding it rained right at 9 pm through the WHOLE night! The people called us back and said we could go!
I never really experienced anything like that before. I mean I would pray before dinner with my family. I was only praying because I had no choice. When I was alone and had the choice, I never prayed.
Since that day I have been praying openly with God. I tell him how I feel all throughout the day! Crazy things like the rain incident have been happening a lot since I started praying a lot.
I know it may be hard to pray for some people but I promise God hears and will not leave you hanging!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day weekend

My long labor day weekend is over. Today I was pulled out of my comfortable bed and was put into the busy halls of my high school. What a difference. It was a little body shock to wake up extremely early. So much so that right when I came home, I slept for 2 hours! It felt good!
Labor Day weekend is in honor of people that work. I consider myself working at school. I mean people do math for a living. So I am glad I just figured out I can celebrate another holiday for myself. In order to celebrate you have to have fun. Oh has this weekend been fun! I spent the night with Siara and Jo on Friday. That was a bast! Saturday I went to Ethan and Ashley's football game. No it is not coed, Ashley cheered! :) Sunday I went to church then out to eat with some friends. Monday I went to Matthews Alive with Kenzie and Ashleigh!
Yesterday my brother, Jackson, left for college. :( While it was very sad and emotional for Ashley and Brooke, I just wanted to say good-bye and get it over with. Don't get me wrong I love my brother and will miss him terribly! But, I don't like having emotional memories being the last memory. I don't want to think the last time being with him was an awful one. Therefore I kept it simple and tear free. I think I just hasn't hit yet. This weekend will be the first weekend without him. That will be when I shed a bucket or two of tears! ha.
I have lots of homework tonight so I better pull myself away from my blog and start.
Happy late Labor Day!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Dad!

Big strong arms,
hold my frail arms,
Big brown eyes,
look into my blue eyes,
His kind heart,
reminds my heart,
how much he loves me...
My Dad!

My dad is amazing! I don't really know why I am writing about him, but I decided I should dedicate this post to him! Little does he know I am writing about him and all his little ways. Little ways... Oh my do I have some blackmail on this dude! I won't embarrass him too much. :) One of my favorite memories up to date of him, was on the way to school one morning. We were all pretty tired and not looking forward to a day of school. So my dad being the way he is turned on the song, "I like big butts and I can not lie!" He cranked up the music, rolled down the windows, and danced! I mean he flat out danced! Oh my gosh... Me and my sisters were dying laughing! He definitely woke us up that morning! I promise you I would randomly laugh that whole week thinking about it!
Oh dad, sometimes you embarrass me so much... but I still will always love you!

(next time you ground me.. remember this post :) ha jk!)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When I say someone influences me I don't just mean when someone is nice to me or does anything for me. Sometimes the people that have an influence on my life, I really don't even know. Which comes to me as strange. I let that person change my life from tiny to maybe even huge and I don't even know them!

Like for instance this morning... My alarm went off. I had that feeling of, "seriously again?" I was annoyed and begged myself to go back to sleep. Honestly I am proud of myself for not! It was not easy! :)

I sat in my bed for 10 minutes just thinking. Sometimes when I think, my mind goes 100 mph! Like words just pop in and out. So that for 10 min was a little hectic. I put it to a halting stop and stepped out of bed. I then went to start my morning routine.

When I finished getting ready I checked my emails. I saw one from someone I don't usually get emails from. I clicked open and was shocked! My mouth dropped I even got a little teary eyed! Which doesn't happen often. As I kept reading this person told me to go to a link. Not knowing where that would lead me I put my trust in her and clicked on it. It lead me to a blog I have never seen. I read and read. Near the bottom I figured out some of this post was about me! I didn't even know this person. She had read my story about Africa and showed her daughter a video Jo had made of the trip. Her daughter was so inspired that she decided she wants to go on a missions trip! I couldn't believe it. Someone I didn't know, I touched. That little girl influenced me to keep pursuing missions and the love I have of Africa. I think sometimes in this busy, always on the go country I forget what life is really about. So that post this morning really helped me remember its not about making an 'A' on a test or making the most friends. Its about spreading the love of Christ to everyone!
So thanks Alivia! :)