Saturday, September 12, 2009

God Hears!

Have you ever thought praying is a waste of time? I have been there! I didn't see a need in praying so I didn't. I didn't until my school all went on a mountain trip 3 years ago. We were supposed to go white water rafting one of the days. But there was a shortage of water because of no rain. They called us and basically said it was cancelled. All of us in denial prayed and prayed it would rain! We started praying around 9 pm and I am not kidding it rained right at 9 pm through the WHOLE night! The people called us back and said we could go!
I never really experienced anything like that before. I mean I would pray before dinner with my family. I was only praying because I had no choice. When I was alone and had the choice, I never prayed.
Since that day I have been praying openly with God. I tell him how I feel all throughout the day! Crazy things like the rain incident have been happening a lot since I started praying a lot.
I know it may be hard to pray for some people but I promise God hears and will not leave you hanging!

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