Sunday, February 14, 2010


Losing a friend sucks. I have felt like i have lost many friends recently.
One I lost because she got a boyfriend and is so consumed with him. When she came over she only texted him and wouldn't put the dang phone down.
Another girl I lost because she cheated on my brother. I told her everything. One bad choice ruined my trust for her.
A friend that I trusted so much that I lived with her for 7 weeks now just ignores me. You know how hurt I am because of her.
These three friends I used to call my best friends. Now they are just added to the people that have hurt me.
Forgiveness is open when they apologize. I'm pass the point of comforting them. They should know what they did and ask for my forgiveness.
This basically sums up my past week. I pray we get snow tonight so no school tomorrow. I need a break badly.