Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday December 23, 2008

2 days till Christmas! Woohoo! I am so excited! I want a touch ipod soo bad!! My mom said she returned it and got me something i would rather have... but i want nothing else but that. She does not get that though... ug! I know christmas is not all about presents but its so hard to not think about the present. But I also want to use this blog to dedicate it to Jesus. He came and died on the cross, went 40 days and 40 night without food! He is a perfect God. The only God. So thanks God for dying on the cross for my sins. Thanks! I love you more and more everyday!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Dec. 15, 08

Hey guys!
Sorry i havent been writing as often as i would like. I have been really busy with school. So my dad comes in tonight and tells me that he enrolled me into a different school! I am so depressed. Like as much as I don't like ACA, I do really want to still go back. Like i have made great friends and i will loose that if i change schools! In high school it is so hard to find true friends and i have found my true friends and i dont want to loose that. I dont think i want to graduate from aca but i want to go there as long as my friends are. My best friend Johanna might be moving to Ethiopia and i dont want to go to a different school and miss those days i could be with her. But other than that everything has been going great! Christmas is next week!! can you believe that?! Wow! I want a touch ipod really bad!! But i dont think im gonna get it! Ok well i have to go and do hw :( byee

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday November 26, 2008

Ok so today my family and I are all driving down to Florida! Yay! This morning was very hectic and I thought we were never going to get out of Charlotte. We were supposed to leave at 9… well with a family of 5 we didn’t leave till 10:30. Welcome to a big, southern family J. Right now we are at exit 19… who the heck knows where that is. Cause I sure don’t know. Yea ok so I took drivers Ed but I don’t know anything about highways. They confuse me so much! I guess I’ll deal with that later. I’m sure not worried bout it now. So today we are driving to see my cousin, Austin, play his last football game. He is the quarterback and really good! So we are supposed to get there at 6 but knowing my family we wont get there till like 10. I mean my little sister, Princess Brooke, has to go to the bathroom every 20 min. And has to eat every like 30. So that’s the joy of ridding with her. And then my other sister, Ashley, ask how to spell things all the time! Like she’s trying to tell all of her friends were going to Florida (like they care) and so she’s like “HOW DO U SPELL FLORIDA!!!” Yea that’s my car ride right now. So instead of ripping my hair out I decided to write on here. Now don’t yall feel so special! Good. Moving on.

So im so excited to go to Florida. Like I haven’t seen my Nonnie and Papa since last thanksgiving! The only part I don’t like is the driving!Well Im gonna go and take a nap or something to get the time to go faster! Peace.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday November 25, 2008

Dear Diary, 
Well i really do have a diary... i promise! But since i just got a mac i thought i would just set up a diary online! This is not for anyone to read but for me to keep a diary of my high school life. Sometimes when i write stuff out (or type :) ) it is easy to express my feelings rather than talking to someone about it. So this week has been a really tough week. A couple of weeks ago Josh, Trey, Dan, and I all were in a group in history. We were supposed to read a paper and than narrate it in front of the class. So we had finished our reading and no body else was done. So Josh pulled out his mac and we took a video. Well this weekend (2 weeks later) we just a very unexpected email from the head master of the school. She basically told us we were all gonna loose our macs and we were gonna have to eat lunch with her (ScArY!!). Well we were very upset about this because, josh had only uploaded that one video while the head masters daughter uploaded 42 pictures that were taken at school and she didn't get in trouble. It was a very hard week for me. I am not usually one to get in trouble so when this happened it rocked my world. I stayed home from school today and the rest of the week we have off because it is thanksgiving! 
Tomorrow morning my family is waking up and we are all going to drive down to Florida! My favorite trip every year! We go to my pappa's farm and its not a farm that has animals but a farm with a nice house and tons of trails on hundreds of acres so we going 4-wheeling on it. Its sooo much fun!
Well this is gonna be my first blog post! yay! Hopefully when i grow old i can show this to my kids and grandkids and they can read day to day to see how my life was. How cool! 
If you are reading this... go check out my moms blog at lysaterkeurst.com