Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When I say someone influences me I don't just mean when someone is nice to me or does anything for me. Sometimes the people that have an influence on my life, I really don't even know. Which comes to me as strange. I let that person change my life from tiny to maybe even huge and I don't even know them!

Like for instance this morning... My alarm went off. I had that feeling of, "seriously again?" I was annoyed and begged myself to go back to sleep. Honestly I am proud of myself for not! It was not easy! :)

I sat in my bed for 10 minutes just thinking. Sometimes when I think, my mind goes 100 mph! Like words just pop in and out. So that for 10 min was a little hectic. I put it to a halting stop and stepped out of bed. I then went to start my morning routine.

When I finished getting ready I checked my emails. I saw one from someone I don't usually get emails from. I clicked open and was shocked! My mouth dropped I even got a little teary eyed! Which doesn't happen often. As I kept reading this person told me to go to a link. Not knowing where that would lead me I put my trust in her and clicked on it. It lead me to a blog I have never seen. I read and read. Near the bottom I figured out some of this post was about me! I didn't even know this person. She had read my story about Africa and showed her daughter a video Jo had made of the trip. Her daughter was so inspired that she decided she wants to go on a missions trip! I couldn't believe it. Someone I didn't know, I touched. That little girl influenced me to keep pursuing missions and the love I have of Africa. I think sometimes in this busy, always on the go country I forget what life is really about. So that post this morning really helped me remember its not about making an 'A' on a test or making the most friends. Its about spreading the love of Christ to everyone!
So thanks Alivia! :)

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Rebecca Caroline said...

oh my gosh hope! that is so awesome :)