Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Classification of High School!

Life to me is one big classification table! For example, school. I have classified school into the days of the week like this:

Freshmen year = Mondays!
Freshmen year is all new. Beginning high school. New building. My freshmen year was very hard academically like waking up on Monday mornings.

Sophomore year = Tuesday!
Sophomore year is a little review of freshmen year. You still have two more years of school just like at my school... two more days of school.

Junior year = Wednesday!
Even though I haven't been a junior I have heard stories. Junior year is so close to the end that its almost annoying. Like you still have one year after it. At my school we only go Monday through Thursday to school. So wednesday is the 2nd to last day of the week like Junior year in high school.

Senior year = Thursday!
I LOVE Thursdays! Its my easiest day and the last day of the week. Senior year will be hard to prepare for college. But if you get most of your classes done in previous years then you will have an easy Senior year!

That is my classification of high school!

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