Friday, October 22, 2010

Cruise :)

Last weekend I went on the trip of a lifetime. My mom got invited to speak on a cruise along with Karen Kingsbury, Angela Thomas, Renee Swope, and many more awesome people.
Holly, my mom, and I all flew down to Ft. Lauderdale Florida on wednesday afternoon. We gathered our luggage and headed to our hotel where we would be staying the night. That next day we all boarded the boat and set sail.
I have to say living on a boat for a weekend is pretty weird. I got sea sick once. But thankfully it was not bad at all. Our boat took us to The Key Islands on friday and Cozumel Mexico on Saturday. Mexico was by far my favorite day. We got to ride horses on the beach and lay out next to the most clear, and gorgeous, blue water I have ever seen.
Coming home was a bit overwhelming after being in Paradise for 6 days.
My mom and I are already planning our next cruise :)

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