Friday, October 22, 2010

The brother I never got to meet...

Twenty years ago a young, frail girl walked into a building to put to rest the shame of a mistake. She walked in broken expecting to walk out healed. Instead walked out even more broken than before. One mistake led to two which led to being haunted the rest of her life. She would always be known for "that girl" when the category of abortion was brought up.
The girl drove home ashamed of her actions and thinking about ending her life. "I have killed the one thing I should be proud of. So why shouldn't I kill the one thing thats" Thoughts like this were going through her clogged brain. Her eyes too dry to let tears slip out. Her face too white to show her true emotions.
She never forgot about it. Yet, has been healed.

I love you big brother. I think of you often. I can't wait to embrace your hug in heaven.

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