Sunday, June 27, 2010

Camp-of-the-Woods '10

Everyone says New-York is so magical and alive. They are so right. I LOVE NY!
My family and the Good family all packed up and flew out to Albany NY on Friday. I had a LONG day Friday because we woke up at 4:30 am to pick my sisters up from camp. And I didn't get to sleep till 2:30 am the next day! Thats 22 hours straight of being awake and traveling. I never once had time to close my eyes. Jet lag to the extreme :)
When then stayed that Friday night in a hotel and had to wake up at 7 to catch a ride up to Camp-of-the-Woods. That was about a 2 hour drive. So after ALLLL of the traveling we ARIVED!
So far it has been a blast. Meeting lots of cool people and enjoying the nice weather. The high has been high 70's and in the night it drops down to 40's! Talk about PERFECT weather.
This is one of those places I have always loved growing up going to and I look forward to raising my kids by coming every summer. I met this one couple that played in the band here when they were 15... and they were in their 90's!!! Truly amazing.
My dad rented a boat for the week so we have been doing lots of tubbing. There is also a HUGE gym with tons of games that we have been enjoying. But I would have to say my favorite place is called the TeePee. It where you can go and get all kinds of candy and ice-cream. I have been getting the twist soft serve. By far my favorite.
So this is pretty much life at Camp-of-the-Woods. My favorite place to vacation and has been for 8 years.

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