Thursday, June 24, 2010


I have taken a break from blogging and realized I have missed it so much! So much has happened in my life since my last post. Some friends have slipped from my grip but it was all for the better. I have gained so many more friends from my new job! I now am employed at Chick-fil-A at Wesley Chapel. I absolutely love it there! You may be wondering why I'm not working for my dad at the arboretum.. well I just decided this would be a better fit for me. Since then I have been making money and been crazy busy. But its good for me. I am trusting God with everything now. He knows whats going to happen in my future and me worrying about everything isn't helping. I have realized girls are so emotional and dramatic. I have tried to stay out of as much drama as possible.
Let me make a list of what all has happened in my life recently:
1. I have become best friends with girls I disliked a year ago.
2. I'm tan cause... ITS SUMMER!!!
3. I'm officially DONE with sophomore year! :)
4. But.. JUNIOR year here i come.
5. Mark graduated.
6. Mitch came home!
7. I had a blast in Florida last week.
8. Im now a shopping addict.
9. I leave for NEW-YORK tomorrow!!! I am supper excited.
10. I need to go get ready for work :)
So thats pretty much it. I will now blog more often cause after all... I LOVE IT!

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