Thursday, July 15, 2010


Shopping is the one thing in life that will recharge me. I love it and can't ever get enough. When it comes to bills I dread paying them. Every dollar is like a baby when it comes to something I don't want to pay for. When it comes to shopping I have NO problem at all to spend every single one of those precious dollars. It has become a serious problem when I'm supposed to be saving money. Good thing I make pretty good money with my job at Chick-fil-a and babysitting :) I honestly love having a job now that I have one. Before getting one I ran from the opportunities to make money. Now its just something I love. I have made some awesome friends working. And we always talk about all the crazy things we get to buy now that we actually have our own money. It also is so helpful to not depend on my parents so much. I will ask for money every once in a while. But nowhere near as much as I used to. So basically this is my life in a nutshell:
Money comes in.... I go to the mall.... more money comes in.... I go to the mall again :)
Maybe I should restrict myself from going to the mall. Once a month. Man, that will be so hard!

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