Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thursday April 9, 2009

Guess what my day consisted of?! Ok here is the play by play:
1. Alarm went off (you know how in those cartoons when the alarm is jumping side to side when ringing.. yep thats how mine was!!)
2. Check my facebook. (this is a must!)
3. Pull my body out of bed and get ready!!
4. Wash Ashley's sheets (this is because i have been sleeping with her).
5. Leave!... and guess where we go?! To be on the Oprah show! No I'm not making this up! We drive 30 min away... and no i don't live in Chicago we did it over satellite! When we got there they made sure everyone was looking good and put us on with Oprah. It was very nerve-wracking but we overcame it! I stood beside my mom for nearly 2 hours without sitting down. I swear if It went any longer i would have died. Wow. I can imagine it now.. Hope TerKeurst died while being on Oprah! haha. What a death.
Some of you may be wondering why we went on the Oprah show when we disagree with her religion. Well in the Bible it does not say sit at home and talk only among Christians. No it says go out and teach others about Christ. So today was a teaching experience we had with Oprah. She may not go home and become a Christian right away. But i truly believe God made this happen for a great reason! We may never know what that reason is, but i know there is one
6. Finally we came home and packing to leave again and go to Florida! We are going to my Grandparents house! How fun! .I cant wait!


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