Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I will miss her...

Thanksgiving has been very eventful with mixed feelings of sadness and happiness. We did the regular traditions on Thanksgiving Day. However, the day after took an unexpected turn. We got up at 4 am to do the early bird specials. It was exciting and very thrilling. You wouldn’t believe how greedy people can be. Ashley got pushed into shelf and her arm has been swollen for days! It’s just all about mapping out where you go and what you’re getting. It has to have a strategy behind it. Well about this time I found out one of my friends lied to me and I got really disappointed in her. An hour after I found that out my mom got a phone call. She immediately got silent and walked away from the chaotic store. I followed her and after realizing it was a death I started questioning who it was. We both were trying to hold back the tears the only difference was she knew who it was and I didn’t. That was a very scary feeling. She hung up the phone and said, “Ma-Maw, it was Ma-Maw.”

Ma-Maw was my great grandma. She lived a long, hard 89 years. But somehow with all her struggles she went through she always had love in her heart. She never wanted anyone to go through any pain, experience half the things she did, or lose as many people as she has lost. About 10 years ago she lost her beloved husband, Pa-Paw. He lived a very long fight with his medical problems. God put him to ease by allowing no more pain and taking Pa-Paw to live with him. Both Pa-Paw and Ma-Maw were very strong Christians. All six of their kids were grown up in a very loving home.

After we got the shocking news we planned how we were going to attend the funeral. The funeral was on the borderline of Mississippi and Alabama. Which was 4 hours from where we were, Tallahassee. My mom had to fly to California on Sunday so if my dad took us my mom had to find some way to get home. My aunt and uncle left a day early to take my mom back to Greenville. From there she rented a car and drove to Charlotte. My dad, 2 sisters, and I all drove all over the place on Saturday getting the appropriate attire for the funeral. We drove from Florida to Georgia to get a tux from my uncle for my dad to borrow. Then back to Florida to stay the night at my grandparent’s farmhouse. Sunday morning we drove to Mississippi for the funeral. I met family I have never even heard of. The funeral was hard and I cried like a baby. But settled with the fact that she is in a way better place and dancing with her husband whom she hasn’t seen in 10 years!

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