Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Ahh! Holidays! I just love them. They make me so cheerful and happy. Seeing people I usually don't see, eating TONS of food, going to see family, and simply just being out of school. I just am always in a holiday mood. One of my pet peeves is when people celebrate a holiday before the other ends. For example putting christmas decorations up before thanksgiving.
My family has many traditions we do for each holiday. Thanksgiving we always go to Florida to visit my moms side of the family. We are like one big, Italian family. We are LOUD, eat tons, and laugh uncontrollably. It is always loads of fun. On Thanksgiving we go to my grandmas second house. It sits on hundreds of acres. They have four wheelers, dirt bikes, golf carts, etc. We just race all throughout the trails. It never gets old.
This year I went earlier than my family. They all come Wednesday and I came Sunday! I flew in and did a layover all by myself... oh i am so proud! :) I was nervous but just asked some random non creepy people and it was all good. From the time I stepped off the plane till now I have been going non stop having fun! We went to see New Moon (ahhh! best ever), went shopping (tons of new adorable clothes), manicures, and eating out! It has been a blast. So worth my horrid plane rides. Tonight we picked my aunt up from the airport. She was flying in from college. Yes, I have an aunt thats only four years older than me. Weird... I know. She is already gone off with friends. I am now watching movies with my nonnie and enjoying every bit of it! :)
Like I said, Holidays are the best!

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