Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Jan. 16. 09

Hey! Ok so guess what?! I might be able to move to Ethiopia! It has been my dream to go to africa and so now i have this chance! I cant wait! Jo, one of my bff's, is moving there and her family invited me! Its not for sure.. but if i do it will be in the summer!
I dont know how im going to tell my friends. they are going to be very upset... especially madison. I mean i feel bad about leaving her.. but this is my dream! and i need to live for the Lord not for men. So if God is asking me to do this than i need to do it! I just hope this is what God wants me to do! Yes, im going to miss my family and friends.. but me and JO already came up with that i will come back at thanksgiving and on my birthday! Ok well i have to go do my hw! byee

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