Thursday, January 21, 2010


This week at church the pastor was teaching us how to pray. This may sound elementary but I truly learned SO much! He wasn't telling us word from word how to but rather how to build the right foundation for prayer. He gave us 10 things to think about when praying. I have them on my computer dashboard so every time I get on I read them. I plan on memorizing them so that when I pray I can pray with the way God should be prayed to. He isn't our, "dude" as pastor stated, but rather a friend that died for us so that we can have eternal life. I know I want to pray right, how about you?

1. Prayer is your highest appeal not your last resort
2. When we seek the Lord together it multiplies the power.
3. Prayer is a conversation in the courts of a king.
4. Build your prayer on the solid foundation of God's sovereignty.
5. Whatever you do, do not build your case based on what you deserve.
-we deserve to be in hell
6. Build a case based on God's agenda not your own.
7. Remind God of what he has done for others and what He's promised to do for you.
-it doesn't inform God but it hepls transform you.
8. Do not always pray for God to make things better-Pray for him to make you bolder
9. Expect God to move in response to your prayer.
10. If you are going to ask be ready to act.

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